Coated Magnets

If you’re looking to purchase Neodymium magnets it is important to know the strength. The Megagauss Oersted value (MGOe), of the magnetic field, defines the strength of the magnet. These magnets range from thirty to fifty megagauss Oersteds. This is the highest MGOe of any permanent magnet material. N42 is the most popular grade. It… Continue reading Coated Magnets

Magnetic Materials

The Association for the Science and Technology of Magnetic Materials (ASTM) has a permanent committee that is focused on High Power Magnets. It has 33 members voting, including eight manufacturers and eight members from the non-industry. While the voting list of the committee was not made public however, it is clear that Nord is a producer… Continue reading Magnetic Materials

They come in all kinds of shapes

They come in all kinds of shapes. Magnets may alter the flow of charged particles inside the free space. They can also have an effect on mechanical-to-mechanical and electrical-to-heat interactions. Magnetic fields can be created by permanent magnets without the requirement of external sources. If they are connected to magnets, the temporary magnets produce magnetic… Continue reading They come in all kinds of shapes

Astronauts Took Toys In Space

NASA also has a space museum. It is full of items and memorabilia from every one of the space shuttles. Many of these items made it to the moon and back. A few of them are displayed in the National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C. Did you know that lots ofmagnet  toys became collectors items?… Continue reading Astronauts Took Toys In Space


DIY Toys

Using DIY Toys at Early Development stages is essential to helping the infant s brain development. Most of us remember when we were children moving through our learning stages of existence and what a blast it was to have the ability to create whatever we wanted. We used our creativity and made toys that we… Continue reading DIY Toys

What are Rare Earth Magnets?

What are Rare Earth Magnets? Rare earth magnets are electrical conductors with an extremely high tolerance to electromagnetic fields as well as rare metallic ions. Contrary to metal alloys, rare earth metals don’t undergo transformation during the formation process. They aren’t magnetic, so they are suitable for a variety of uses. They can be used… Continue reading What are Rare Earth Magnets?