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neodymium magnet strength chart

If you’re looking to purchase Neodymium magnets it is important to know the strength. The Megagauss Oersted value (MGOe), of the magnetic field, defines the strength of the magnet. These magnets range from thirty to fifty megagauss Oersteds. This is the highest MGOe of any permanent magnet material. N42 is the most popular grade. It has an energy production of 42 MGOe.

Neodymium is a name given to the chemical element neodymium (atomic number sixty) and is known as the chemical element neodymium. It is found in the minerals of ore bastnasite and monazite. A strong magnet will typically be able to withstand higher temperatures. Certain magnets might contain ferrocerium that can make them incompatible with certain applications.

A Neodymium magnet’s strength is measured in terms of its Br number. The strength of the magnet is determined by its Br number. For example, a grade N42 magnet has Br values of thirteen thousand two hundred and twenty-two thousand Gauss. The temperature rating is indicated by the letters following the grade. Neodymium magnetic grade N42 is rated M. A neodymium magnetic with a letter SH or MH designation is suitable for temperatures in ambient.

If you are planning to use a Neodymium magnetic in a high temperature environment, you should go for the most powerful grade. If space is scarce or large magnets aren’t available, it is best to select a better grade. The tolerance to heat of the magnet is indicated by the letters following the grade. N30EH is the highest heat tolerance, and can continue to work up to 200 degrees.

The highest strength possible is a magnet made of neodymium. The higher the number that is given, the stronger the magnet. When choosing a magnet for a specific purpose, the grade is important. The Nd symbol is the chemical element Nd. The MGO number signifies the atomic number. A neodymium magnet that has a grade of N52 is considered the highest strength.

You need to select the right neodymium magnetic magnet for your application when choosing one. A grade is the amount of times the strength of a magnet. A lower grade is less powerful than a stronger grade. The most powerful neodymium magnetic is one with the grade N52. If you need a strong magnet made of neodymium for a particular application, you should purchase an N52 neodymium magnet.

There are many variables that determine the strength of the neodymium magnetic. The magnetocrystalline anisotropy in the Tetragonal Nd2Fe14B crystal structure is unusually high. The neodymium magnetic is made of microcrystalline grains which are aligned in an intense magnetic field during the manufacturing. When a neodymium-based magnet is in use, it will be extremely strong.

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